As a certified and Aesthetic plastic surgeon, we are able to perform any type of plastic surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery such as: Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, liposculpture, tummy tuck.

Dr. Gilberto Montfort is a master in his field, a luxury plastic and aesthetic reconstructive surgeon with unparalleled taste. His decades of experience make him the only choice when it comes to Plastic surgery. With his personalized service, compelling results and unrivaled privacy, his team under his direction embodies the timeless tradition of bespoke personal service in the city of Tijuana Mexico.

Before making any changes in our patients physical appearance, we like our patients to feel secure, confident very well informed about their procedure. Not all are candidates for Rhinoplasty or a Tummy tuck, we always offer alternatives to meet their expectations.

Doctor Gilberto Montfort, Certified Plastic Surgeon.

To be able to become one of the most renowned plastic surgeons with the most in the region. His studies were concluded in one to the most prestigious schools the University Autonoma of Guadalajara, that is located within the same city of Guadalajara Mexico. Subsequently his internship in general surgery at the General Hospital located in Tijuana Baja California Mexico.

One of his major steps was achieving between 1987 and 1990 where he was able to complete his second internship in plastic, Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, in addition a fellowship in Cranio Maxillofacial surgery in the institute of Pesquisa Médico-Científica de Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Our Aesthetic Procedures

As follows we present to you a selection of the surgical and nonsurgical procedures that are done. We invite you to contact us to get more information.

Face Lift - Plastic Surgery

Face Lift


Nose Surgery


Tummy Tuck


Brazilian Butt Lift


Breast Augmentation


Mommy Makeover

How to come to our Plastic Surgery Clinic?

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Please don’t risk your health choose only a surgeon that is certified with experience at most knowledge.