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The most important objectives for a plastic surgeon is the satisfaction of his patients, therefore undertaking all that is possible to assure health and wellness.

Dr. Gilberto Montfort, Plastic Surgeon

Who is the Plastic Surgeon Gilberto Montfort?

After concluding his studies abroad, he returned to Mexico to present his exam with the Mexican consul of plastic surgery. Therefore acquiring their approval and certification to practise as a plastic surgeon under certification number 953.

Dr. Gilberto Montfort is an active member of the Plastic surgery Association of Baja California, his active participation is this organization is known through divers curses with international and national congresses. He also participates eagerly as a speaker and professor in multiple courses and national congresses nationally and internationally, simultaneously engaging in the organization of interactive symposiums of plastic surgery in Baja California Mexico.

Active Associations

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Elsa Sapien, Patient Care Coordinator

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